The GPS installed in the cars were not set for largest roads, I think as was proven during this trip – first time when going to hotel to spend the night. The GPS lead us through fields of wine, small roads etc. but we found it and what a place. It was actually a small castle very beautiful with nice biergarten and restaurant. We were not to stay at the castle but at living quarters near by. They were also really nice and nicely decorated some with bath tub. We had a very nice dinner at the restaurant there all of us and a good nights sleep before new adventures the next day (and some adventures, I might ad)







Before we left Denmark I asked all that was going if we were to visit 1 or 2 studs the day after Johanna and all said 2 – we want to see as much as possible. Well that is not always that easy because the farms usually do not want visitors too early because there are still things that needs to be done before you receive guests but well I arranged for 2 visits.

We were to visit Jadem Arabians (Christine Jamar) who I have visited several times all with great pleasure and Privilege training (Philip Looyns and Raphael Curti) who none of us had visited before and a very good suggestion from Pernille Døngart. We were to start out at Jadem where I succeeded in making appointment at 10.30 already as we had the next appointment at 13.00 so about 1,5 hour at Jadem.

Well we were there spot on but then coffee before seing the horses and then we were already running a bit late. Christine was home this time and also had 2 women visitors as well as Murillo Kammer that showed up. As always we got a nice folder with all the horses to be shown to us in with pedigrees etc.

Since I was there last Frederik Van Sas is hired as trainer and handler and he does have a nice calm attitude and respect with/for the horses. We got to see them free in the ring running around and after that standing still for us to look up close at every horse outside the ring which was very nice. It gives a more complete impression of each horse besides conformation you can also get an idea of attitude and behaviour.

We saw very nice stallions of different descent among others Jadaan Al Shaqab, Jaipur El Perseus and AAS Elishahh the latter I liked the most, actually I thought he was quite nice where Jaipur is more slim line type and HUGE. Christine is very honest with the horses we saw good/bad things and also realistic with covering prices and good service as well. In 2017 a foal by Japur is expected in DK and by AAS Elishahh in Sweden so this was a good visit that will give nice babies in 2017, I am sure.

I also had the pleasure of El Palacio VO out of El Dorada – and for me there is just something about him and his looks. Then it was time for the lovely foals where Christine and Murillo were especially proud and happy with the Shiraz De Lafron foals and had great hopes for them. Shiraz himself it not really my kind of horse as such but his foals were not bad and quite nice (better than himself), I must say. It ended up with 2 Emerald J foals that were very nice but now we were half an hour late and had to leave to make it to other appointment without being too late.

It was to quick a leave and did not get to go through stables or anything but I am sure some of us will be back and then there will be time. I can recommend a visit there anytime and thanks for having us.