On the 10th of April we were a group of 10 Arabian horse lovers that left Denmark with destination Belgium and the Open House at Johanna Ullström´s place. None of us had ever been at her open house before so we had no idea what to expect but we were not disappointed.

We met early in CPH airport, checked in, took of and landed 1 hour and 30 minutes later in Charleroi airport in Belgium. This is such an awesome way to go see other studs etc. instead of driving the car, getting tired and sour back and legs and on top this was not expensive so I can highly recommend it.

As we very 10 people we could not fit in 1 car so I had divided us in 2 cars and we went to pick them up in the airport. Many places when renting a car you need to go with bus to pick up the car as was the case here but it was not a problem, the cars we easy to locate and were very nice large cars to fit 5 people in each as well. We did need to set the gps we got included for free from Dutch to Danish and that was a bit challenging and eventually we needed a bit of help.

The open house was set to start at 14.00 and we had plenty of time with only an hour drive from airport to Johanna so we decided to drive past Johanna and go to Sint-Truiden for some lunch before it would beginn because who knew when we would get time to eat otherwise.

We went to a gas station/restaurant with a very odd system. You go in the restaurant to choose your food – then go back in the gas station – tries to remember what you want to eat and what it is called – you also pick up and buy your drink here – pays and goes back to the restaurant give them the receipt and then they make the food. Strange and slowing down the process system. All got their food not that long after, that is of course exept me ! I had to go there 2 times to ask where my food was at and if it would be done anytime soon – they were not on top of their game I must say – chatting and going very slowly – well in the end I got my food too.

Now we were getting closer to 14.00 so we drove to Johanna and waited for the gate to open. I have been here a couple of times before but as said earlier never to the open house. The place looks fantastic whenever you come no question about this but this day it looked even better. The huge gate to the ground and just on the other side the red carpet rolled out to welcome us all, alongside small bushes and to end up at the beautiful life size foal statues was just woaaw. To top it of it was a day with much needed sunshine and some warmth in the air.

On one side of the sand paddock where the horses were to be shown tall tables decorated in red fabric was placed with some snacks on and close to the ring were tables and benches set up with sunshade over and at the end there was a bar where you could buy something to drink. Of course there was also something for your eye and maybe money as there were a stand with halters etc.

There were many guests from all around the world, from other studs, training stables or just Arabian Horse enthusiasts as ourselves and you were free to go have a look around. We also met other Danes that were there, of course also Maja Bonde who works at Johanna´s place and Alexandra Ege Siana that were there with fellow co workers from Schoukens Trainingcenter. We got a nice catalogue and around 15.00 the horses began to enter the ring. I am not going to mention them individually as it would take far too long and none the less you should see them live for yourself as this gives the most correct impression.

We started out with progeny from the lease of JB Aurora from Oppreva Arabians in Sweden with whom Johanna has a long term friendship with and next was the mare JB Precious which is another lease from succesfull Oppreva Arabians and she is bred and expecting a foal from Botswana in 2017.

Then it was time to see a filly by RP Burj Al Arab and the gorgeous Tamara LL who in 2017 is expecting af foal by him – this will be very interesting to see this foal and I will await pictures with interest. Now it was time for RP Burj Al Arab himself and for me he is better now he is more mature than when he was younger. It shall be interesting to see more progeny by him.

Beautiful white and fleabitten Polish mares was now in line to be shown among others the esquisite Manresa who has also been shown in Denmark at Nordic Open this year and the Queen in age Euskara showing off. The absolute Queen in showing her stuff all white with that classic Polish look was to me Erabea, my she was lovely.

Parys K had arrived not that long before the open house and was not in that good shape (which was also said) Many had looked very much forward to see him and were exited it was possible. I am sure they were not disappointed but personally I prefer another look, and thank God for our differences in taste.

We also saw a young promising colt Psensio by RFI Farid and out of JB Psynderella (another Oppreva mare) that I think we are going to see more of in the show ring in the future. Allthough not that old and calling a bit to his friends he really showed of and looked really nice and well proportioned.

Time to see some lovely foals by Sharahm and also older progeny. One must say he stamps his get – they all seem to have that hooky neck when they trot, seeking down  – they are all extremely showy and has presence – they have grown covering and flamboyant trot, but also now I have seen a bit they tend to have a bit long and narrow heads.

Then he came himself, Sharahm, and showed his a.. off – he owns that ring – trots – snorts and blows all the way combined with his presence and joy is just woaw and you cannot see past this and be somewhat taken with it. In 2017 there are expected foals by him in Denmark as well and I cannot wait to see them as I really like this fantastic powerful stallion.

Borsalino K daughters were in line for us to see now before we were to see himself. Among others we saw beautiful Olivia K and Rayyana K and then he came the man himself. He has a lot of look and charisma that´s for sure along with a very nice hooky neck line. I liked him better than Parys K and he has also made some really nice offspring especially with the mare collection. He was not let loose so I cannot talk for the movements.

All in all a very nice presentation of 32 gorgeous horses each in their own way. Such a joy to watch, talk to other guests and in great atmosphere. Only thing that should have been better was the sound, it was very hard to hear the speaker and therefor not so easy to hear the story that was told about every horse.

We stayed for a while after the presentation to talk and enjoy ourselves and then we left to find the hotel and to get something to eat.

You can see pictures of the horses from the Open House by Simone Buchholtz Nedergaard´s – HERE

Stay tuned for Part II where I will continue with our adventures the following day