Welcome to my blog. Here I will post articles – thoughts and pictures from some of the things I participate in and whatever else come to mind.

Visit to Belgium - Part II - Jadem Arabians

The GPS installed in the cars were not set for largest roads, I think as was proven during this trip – first time when going to hotel to spend the night. The GPS lead us through fields of wine, small roads etc. but we found it and what a place. Read More »

Visit to Belgium - Part I - Johanna Ullström

On the 10th of April we were a group of 10 Arabian horse lovers that left Denmark with destination Belgium and the Open House at Johanna Ullström´s place. None of us had ever been at her open house before so we had no idea what to expect but we were not disappointed. Read More »

Blogs from visits

After long consideration I have decided to make some blogs/articles about the places I have visited or organized within 2016 and I hope you will enjoy them. I have also decided that I am writing them in English and thereby hopefully reaching a larger number of readers. As English is not my main language I […] Read More »

Johanna Ullström visit

In April 2014 I organized a trip to Belgium to visit among others Johanna´s place. The plan was originally we should have visited on Sunday but Johanna had to re-schedule so we went on Saturday after our visit at Jadem Arabians. The place not to mention the surroundings and the paddocks/fields are breath taking. We […] Read More »

Jadem Arabians visit

A while back to be more exact in April 2014 I organized a trip to visit Jadem Arabians in Belgium. We were a small group of 4 that went to visit and it was a superb trip. We took the car and the drive went very well and I had booked a small house close […] Read More »